In celebration of Mother’s Day we thought we’d unintentionally piss-off hundreds of Mommy Bloggers by not including them in our Greatest Blog Post Ever list. On the plus side, hopefully we’ve made 10 of them quite happy, and maybe they’ll all come on the podcast one day and tell us what great taste we have.

If there’s one thing these awesome 10 moms all have in common, it’s honesty. They tell the eviscerating truth about parenthood unflinchingly and we love them for it.

Dadsaster may be a podcast for dads, but we’d like to thank the moms and mums for all their support. We realize you may not agree with our list even though it is definitive, so please feel free to add your suggestions for other great Mommy Blog posts in the comments section below. Most of all though — Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mums around the world. Especially our Sarah and Natalie.

The 10 Greatest Mommy Blog Posts

Holy Doubt by Abigail Rine. We love Abigail at Mama Unabridged — her posts are beautifully written and truly profound. And, whether taking on the MRM, discussing body anxiety or sticking-up for Stay-At-Home-Dads, they always come with a hint of cheekiness and fun. But it was her post about faith that captured our attention. Faith, like sex, drugs and Santa is one of the “big” conversations every parent will need to have with their child at some stage. Abigail provides an insight into this complex issue.

I Partied With Chuck E by Rants From Mommyland — “Lydia” and “Guru Louise” write some of the most crackling and hilarious blog posts. We could suggest you read Lydia’s horrifying series of conversations with her four-year-old daughter, or their Domestic Enemies series, but this post about the terrors of a birthday party in Mouse Hell had us bursting with Schadenfreude.

When Depression Comes in Disguise by Put Down the Urinal Cake — Beth Woolsey is the mother of five kids and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Her sense of humor is as dark and sweet as licorice and her honesty is wincingly confronting. Beth’s been through a lot, and every day in her house is like a crazy adventure. Even when tackling her own battle with depression, Beth is able to put a smile on our faces.

Please Stop Giving My Kids Crack by Stark. Raving. Mad. Mommy — This mommy blogger has four kids and between them two cases of Asperger Syndrome, two of ADHD, one of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and one of OCD. It shouldn’t be funny, but it usually is. We’re in awe of her parenting skills. And her writing.

The Top 10 Sucky Things About Being Pregnant by Toulouse and Tonic — Suzanne has a lightning wit and an honesty that makes you hide behind the couch, especially if you’re a dad. Check out some of her other lists like, 10 Signs Your Husband Is Way Too Comfortable With You (we scored 9 out of 10!) and The Top 15 Lies Men Tell Themselves (um, no comment)

The Bridge: One Terrible Night by An Inch of Gray — Anna See writes courageously about every parent’s nightmare: the loss of a child. It’s difficult to even contemplate such a thing, but somehow Anna manages to tell us about her experience and describe her subsequent healing. Incredibly brave.

And That’s Why You Should Learn… by The Bloggess — Jenny Lawson is a force of nature, the Bee Queen of Mommy Bloggers who’s made a career out of her surreal family universe. We like her long-suffering husband Victor, who makes an appearance in this post, along with a chicken.

Britta From Amsterdam by Bad Playdate — OK, so most moms/mums want us to all know their names, so they can build up an empire like the Bloggess or Dooce. Not so the mom who runs this site. In fact, if her name got out, she’d probably be lynched as she dishes the dirt on all the weird parents she deals with in her neck of the suburban woods. Two words about this post: Wolves. Ghosts.

Pregnancy Has Traumatised Me by Me, the Man & the Baby — There are other countries out there, and they have the internet, but they don’t have moms. They have mums. Emma is a British mummy blogger who writes honestly and engagingly about her experiences.

Is The Price Too High? by Creative Inside Out — this is not strictly a mommy blog, but Britta Reque-Dragicevic is a mother of three who writes about creativity and story-telling drawing on her life and family experiences. Her wise and passionate blog is a favorite of writers, actors and musicians.

Special Mention: please keep an eye on the very brave mom with the heart of a poet and the soul of an explorer: Jocelyn at The Baby, the Mother & the Goddess.

And now, over to you Dads — please leave your suggestions about blog posts we should have included. Remember, every week we feature a top mommy blogger in our Dadsaster podcast.