Mark & Bryan laugh a lot at Bryan after he does the right thing and volunteers to make the world a better place. And the world prefers to stay the same. They then talk to two dads who believe technology is making the world a better place in spite of Bryan volunteering.


Here’s a link to TODD DUPLAIN’S parenting apps:

And here’s all the stuff Gadgaterium DEAN was gassing about:

Oculus Rift

Facebook paid $2B for the Kickstarter project ‘Oculus Rift’ last week. If you get a chance to play with the tech, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s amazing. What are the possibilities for Virtual Reality (VR) and how does Facebook come into all this? Dean wrote a few words on his blog, hoping to answer just this:

The future may not be pretty, but the tech’s pretty awesome

The iPad is 4!

Four years ago Dean stood in a line outside the 5th Ave Apple Store in New York, waiting to get his hands on an iPad. Here’s the reception he got (warning, it’s loud!) – and here’s the full story in the run up to launch

The Shorty Awards

Thanks for all your support! The winners are announced at the ceremony on Monday 7th April in New York