We get the inside story on the parenting skills of Robert DeNiro, Pamela Anderson, Steven Spielberg and other celebs from a clown who sometimes wears a Winnie-the-Pooh costume. “Peekaboo, Bobby!” We also interview a mommy blogger who’s ignited a firestorm of controversy over her comments about stay-at-home-dads. Actually, it’s all pretty crazy.

Links from the show

  • Book The Hollywood Clown, Jason Lassen, and buy his wonderful book
  • Pat Jacobs post, All You Need is Love (containing the original post by Jenna)
  • Jenna’s blog is called High Gloss Sauce, and we’re sure there’s a lovely apology waiting for David and all the rest of us SAHD’s:
  • Here’s the great news… David Wallach’s independent Dad All Day site is now up and open for business (you can’t keep a good dad down!)