We can argue endlessly about mom versus dad parenting techniques, but there’s one issue we’ll resolve immediately. Mom from BAD PLAYDATE & dad from LIFE OF DAD pucker-up and let their lips do the whistling… Let us know who you think is the best whistler. Also, BETH WOOLSEY helps us out with birthday party tips, and DEAN JOHNSON opens the GADGETARIUM with some great apps.

The BAD PLAYDATE blog is one of the funniest out there.

You can find super-whistler and father RYAN at LIFE OF DAD.

You can find BETH’s piece on Birthday Parties here.

If you live in the Los Angeles area we hope you attend the 1st Annual Krullapalooza on April 1st. In honor of our friend and past guest Suzanne Krull. A great lineup that includes Tig Notaro, Zach Galifinakis and Patton Oswalt. Go to www.krullapalooza.com for tickets and more info.

And here’s all the information from DEAN’S GADGETARIUM. He’d love you to follow him @ACTIVRIGHTBRAIN for all the latest tech news.





A great audio aggregator – allows user-input to define preferences, then learns from your listening habits. The result? Appropriate iTunes content, podcasts, internet radio, TED lectures, etc.


A whole world of undiscovered content, wherever you go – including Dadsaster (but you’ve already discovered that!)


As they say, it’s “News Radio Rebooted”.







A fun combination of phone and real world play. Sneak up on your iPhone (or iPad) without being seen or heard by the on-screen monster. Snap a photo without getting caught and progress to the next level. Surprisingly addictive – for kids and adults alike!!



Nosy Crow



A British publisher that embraced the iPad wholeheartedly at launch. Their first title ‘Three Little Pigs’ set the bar very high and they’ve raised it ever since. If you’re looking for quality storytelling for kids then the full set of Nosy Crow apps is a great place to start.


Use of parallax scrolling rather than page turning and vibrant detailed illustration established the house-style, with the characters actually voiced by children. Some scenes contain activities and begin to push some stories into gaming territory – but in a good way.


Other great titles include a mixture of classic and contemporary story apps such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Pip & Posy, The Grunts and their latest… Jack and The Beanstalk.