About Mark

Mark Staufer - on the radio


Mark grew-up in Auckland, New Zealand believing that his own father was dead. He spent a lot of time with his very strict grandparents, and when that didn’t tame his ‘exuberance for life’ he was shipped off to boarding school.

After being expelled from three schools and surviving a series of self-inflicted near-death experiences, Mark somehow made it through his teen years with the ability to read and write. After working in journalism, radio and television in Australia and the UK, he moved to Los Angeles with his wife Sarah to pursue a career in screenwriting.

And then the unimaginable happened. Some would call it karma. Mark’s mother would refer to it as payback… Mark became a dad.

As for his father, Mark met him years later after learning that he was very much alive. When he confronted his mother about the lie, she responded, “Well, he was dead to me.” Which isn’t the same thing. But it may explain why Mark treats fatherhood as a sacred responsibility and spends as much time as he can with Milo and Anouk.

Professional Experience

Mark Staufer is an experienced public speaker, moderator, radio host, voice-over artist, screenwriter, author, and producer.

Most notably, Mark is the author/curator of The Numinous Place and screenwriter of Love, Laughter and Truth, a biopic about comedian Bill Hicks, which he developed with Oscar Award winning actor, Russell Crowe.

As the former “shock jock” of New Zealand, Mark earned a reputation for his sharp wit and odd sense of humor. Together with co-host Mark Kennedy, the duo’s morning radio show Top Marks quickly rose to the top of the ratings. Mark’s success as a bantering co-host continues today with Dadsaster’s successful weekly podcast with Bryan Erwin.

Current Projects

The Unusual Tail of Rory Pride - by Mark StauferMark’s children’s book, The Unusual Tail of Rory Pride, is due to be published in 2015. Illustrated by the brilliant artist and designer, Matt Lee, Rory Pride tells the story of an unusual little boy with a lion’s tail, who is brought up by the animals in a strange zoo.



The Numinous Place

Praised by Apps Magazine as “mind-bending and revolutionary“, Mark’s The Numinous Place is an exciting supernatural thriller and cosmic detective story.  The innovative and interactive multimedia story currently seeks an equally forward-thinking publisher, successful in digital media.


Mark on Kids in the House

Mark is an expert & celebrity contributor to Kids in the House, an educational resource for parents and caregivers.

Mark on Disney Jr.

Mark can also be seen nightly on Disney Jr.’s show DADS with Dadsaster co-host, Bryan Erwin.