Our Mother’s Day spectacular with three of our favorite moms in the entire world, ever. BETH WOOLSEY, KADI PRESCOTT & the indefatigable EDIE ERWIN. There’s also the GADGETARIUM with DEAN (not a mom).


Here’s where you can find BETH’s wonderful blog

KADI has lots of hilarious advice on her blog

And here’s all the information from DEAN’s GADGETARIUM:

Cogito Classic ($179.95) and Pop ($129.95) smart watches


We are being bombarded with smart watches from leading manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola) and start ups (Pebble, Neptune Pine, I’m Watch) but this is the first to consider a really important aspect… design. Make a fashion statement and stay connected! The Cogito watches don’t try to cram all smartphone features on your wrist but only those that alert you to new content – emails, texts, etc.




– Actually a well-designed smart watch at last!!


– iPhone and Android compatible


– Display alerts: Text messages, emails, meetings, incoming calls, social media


– Analogue + digital displays (+ date)


– Backlit


– Waterproof


– Remote smartphone camera shutter release



Colours (or colors for the US market):


Classic: White, orange, purple, green, black


Pop: Pink, blue, black grey







Eye-Fi $49.99 for the 8GB (4000 photos, 3hrs of video)


A great way to connect your digital camera to your phone or laptop to instantly edit and share without compromising on quality.


The card operates its own wifi network to transfer photos and video and stores from 8-32 GB by slotting into the existing memory card slot.