About Bryan

Bryan Erwin - Comedian & Dad


As the baby of his family and what he likes to call “Jack and Edie’s Seventh Catholic Accident“, Bryan endured a childhood of hand-me-downs, dinners of whatever’s left, and daily life threats by his six older siblings. It is quite likely that the psychological coping mechanism needed to survive these traumas, played a big hand in Bryan’s satirical nature and comedic success as an adult.

Today, Bryan continues to endure daily traumas, only now they come from his children. Knowing how to take a punch and turn it into a punchline, Bryan’s real life drama is prime fodder for his hilarious stand-up routines at legendary Los Angeles comedy  clubs, such as The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Laugh Factory.

Professional Experience

In addition to his success as a stand-up comedian, Bryan is a successful writer, director, producer, and performer.

His dark humor and unique view of the world translate well to TV and film. Bryan has written, directed and produced original character-based comedies such as The Fives and Sales Guys, attracting top industry names such as Louie Anderson, Barry Katz, Bobby Lee, and Mindy Sterling.

Bryan’s offbeat web originals such as Policeman vs. Fireman and Todd Connor have earned him a cult following and more than 25 million views with syndication to YouTube, Funny or Die, MySpace, AOL, DailyMotion, and Break.com.

On screen, Bryan was a principal in MTV’s Kickin’ it Old School and over the waves, a performer on The Ian Bagg Show.

Currently, Bryan can be seen nightly with Dadsaster co-host Mark Staufer on Disney Jr’s DADS. And as a dutiful husband and father, Bryan can also seen driving around his kids, Tanner and Elliot; or telling his wife,  Natalie, how wonderful she is.

Bryan’s Policeman vs. Fireman

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Bryan on Stage

Bryan on Disney Jr.

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