SHAUN MCKNIGHT of is this week’s Celebridad and he shares tips on being the father of six (two adopted) and running a successful online business. MARK’s feeling like the unloved parent and he’s talked down by BRYAN and awesome Mommy Blogger, BETH WOOLSEY, from the Huffington Post and Oh, and BRYAN may have just traumatized his youngest son for life…

We talked to  CELEBRIDAD Shaun McKnight and his wife Mindy when they came and helped us with our kids’ hair: CLICK HERE

There are a ton of Mommy Bloggers out there – but as Dads, MARK & BRYAN only love the really honest ones who don’t post endless photos of their lovely daughters in tutus. Like this week’s guest BETH WOOLSEY.

Bryan’s incident in the shower reminded us of this Seinfeld episode:

If you’re a dad who relates to Mark grousing about his kids loving their Mom more than him, you might like this Huffington Post article.

And if you’re involved in fundraising for your kids’ schools, we thought you might get a kick out of this video – “The PTA Rap.”: