About Dadsaster

Dadsaster is the brainchild of Mark Staufer and Bryan Erwin (that’s us), who met while creating DADS, a show on Disney about overcoming the learning curve for stay-at-home dads. Which we do. With serious skill.

Now, that’s not saying we Dads are better than Moms. We’d never say something like that. I mean, we’re both married to Moms and that’d endanger our precarious sex-lives if we said that. But what we are saying is that Dads are great at doing stuff that we don’t get credit for, and we’re sick of being portrayed as bumbling idiots.

Dadsaster started out as a weekly podcast where we Dads – Mark Staufer and Bryan Erwin – discuss the gnarliest challenges of fatherhood in an honest and comedic way with celebrity guest dads, helpful tips & advice, workarounds, and real life examples from our own families.

We have since added blog posts and videos about parenting.  Oh, and news. Crazy, funny, noteworthy, heroic, or otherwise relevant and interesting stories that we pluck from the headlines to share with you.

So if you’re not following us on Facebook or Twitter, or you’re not visiting Dadsaster.com daily to see what’s new – you should. Trust us. There’s never a dull moment.

Mark & Bryan on Disney Jr.